Testosterone base- 100 mg/ml


Test base is an ester-less testosterone suspended in MCT oil. This one is in an out of your system really fast and can provide a powerful punch preworkout which can lead to hypertrophy due to increased aggression and cellular swelling during training. The pumps will be insane and so will the gains. This is one powerful steroid that is best used when injecting 30-60 minutes prior to resistance training. If you’re looking to have a bone crushing workout, this is something you want to at least experience for yourself.

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Testosterone base- 100 mg/ml

If you are a serious bodybuilder and gym enthusiast, then you may have heard of the Testosterone base. It is a potent and powerful form of testosterone that is highly effective. Test Base is ester-less and comes suspended in MCT oil. It is quick-reacting and best used as a pre-workout boost.

What Is Test Base-100 mg/ml?
Do you feel tired or have low energy very often? Even after working out for hours, your body is not shaping up the way you want. Did you know that low testosterone levels could be the reason for all these problems? Test Base is an excellent antidote to all the problems caused by low levels of testosterone. It is ester-less, which means that there is no synthetic smell or fragrance to it. You get a completely pure and potent product that can give you a testosterone boost.

The testosterone in Test Base is available in a suspended form. The medium here is MCT or Medium-Chain Triglycerides oil. However, Test Base contains no visible testosterone crystals and looks more like a solution. It helps in maintaining male sexual features or masculinity in a man. Test Base is highly potent and helps keep muscle mass and prevent bone loss, both of which are important for a good physique.

How Does Test Base Work?
Test Base is 100 % pure testosterone and comes in MCT oil solvent. This means that there are no crystals to be absorbed slowly into the body from the injection site. So, it enters the body quickly, and soon you notice a rapid increase in the testosterone levels in the body. Test Base packs a big instant punch as soon as injected and is probably the fastest among all products available. You require only small gauge needles to inject it. Even an insulin syringe can be used. Test Base is best taken about one to two hours before doing any strength training or powerlifting.

How To Use Test Base?
As there is no ester attached to it, 100 mg of Test Base is pure 100 mg of testosterone. It is one of the most common anabolic hormones, and bodybuilders often use it as a base steroid. It is easy to stack-up other steroids on Test Base and achieve great results. A typical dose of Test Base is 100 mg every 3 to 4 days. It is best to start slowly and see if any side effects develop. After observing for a couple of months, the dosage can be increased to 200 and 400.

A male bodybuilder will ideally
· Take a dosage of 400 to 1200 mg per week.
· The range and cycle duration are usually between 8 and 20 weeks.

Both the dosage and duration of the cycle will depend on the goals of the user. If bulking up is the aim, then a slightly higher dose is necessary.

Benefits And Side Effects
Test Base is used to create and maintain lean muscle mass and extra strength in a short period. Though it does require daily workouts and a strict diet, you can get many benefits with Test Base.
High-quality MCT oil means pain-free injections
More lean mass
Strength and bulk in the muscles
Increased energy
Higher libido
Ability to process proteins better

Side Effects
For most users, side effects are minimal or non-existent. Anyone taking Test Base for the first time should be both careful and observant. People with pre-existing health conditions should be extra careful and can ask their doctor before taking the Test Base. Side effects can include

Difficulty in sleeping
Less appetite

As the Test Base is highly potent, it can bring about changes in the mood for some users. It is best to stop if you notice any drastic changes like depression or aggression.

Test Base is popular and much in demand for Testosterone base. The reasons for its popularity with serious bodybuilders and athletes are its purity and potency. One important thing to keep in mind is to buy the product only from a reputed source. Get the best results with Test Base and achieve your aims.


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