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Testosterone Cypionate

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TEST cypionate – 400 mg/ml

Are you a person suffering from hormonal imbalances and related symptoms? TEST cypionate is a solution, which is the intramuscular injection. The usage may vary, like using alone or along with other medications. Being insoluble in water, it dissolves well in alcohols, oils, and ether. A class of drugs called androgens holds this prescription.

What is TEST cypionate – 400 mg/ml?
The prescription drug TEST cypionate comes in an injectable solution. After the injection is injecting into the muscles, the drug starts to function. Upon the doctor’s advice, one can use it as a self-injectable drug. This is an excellent remedy for breast cancer, delayed puberty in males, hypogonadism symptoms, and impotence symptoms. The government has its regulation over this drug. So, it comes under a controlled substance. TEST cypionate contains oil-soluble 17 (beta) cyclopentylpropionate ester of the androgenic hormone testosterone. Being odorless it is being most preferred by many people. It comes in a creamy or white crystalline powder.

The low budget of this drug supports normal male development. The development takes the form of muscle growth, facial hair, and deepened voice. The publication of this drug is both through the generic version and brand version. Androgens are male hormones, it is a condition in which the body fails to produce the desired hormones, in this case the external androgens come into action.

How does TEST cypionate work?
The esters are self-injectable and they are then absorbed from the lipid phase. So, the dosage of the self-injectable drug is administered at the interval of 2 to 4 weeks. The testosterone in the plasma is 2% free and 98% bound to the globulin. The excretion of about 90% of the dosage is via urine. The removal of about 6% of the dosage is via feces. The final drop of the dosage occurs in the liver. The metabolized testosterone falls under 17 ketosteroids. The half-life of this drug is about 8 days.

In crisp, the drug works by replacing the testosterone that the human male body cannot produce.

How to use TEST cypionate?
The usage of the drug varies from patient to patient. One should consume the drug on the advice of the doctor or as per the instructions. Depending upon the strength of the medicine, the doctor suggests the dosage. The basic attributes on which drug consumption depends on:
The health condition
The severity of the health condition
Other existing health conditions
Reaction to the first dosage
The injectable solution is a long term treatment. Putting an end to the treatment without advice from the experts is not advisable. During the treatment, a small amount of the drug needs to exist for better results.

Benefits and Side effects
The benefit of the TEST cypionate injectable drug is immense in the clinical applications. They are:
There is a control over the effect of the drug
The manipulation of the dosage is easier
The improvement of the bioavailability of testosterone is visible
A cure to the problem of impotence
A healthy feeling of sex drive
Manageable Mood swings
Maintenance of healthy count of red blood cells
Considering the pros, the cons are very meager in consuming this drug. Not only the TEST cypionate, but all the drug consumption should also be monitored in the first dosage. There is a little chance of occurrence of some side effects after the first dosage of TEST cypionate like:
Slight changes in the menstrual cycle
The outcome may vary from person to person. If a person who is allergic or with other medical issues faces some problems, it is advisable to stop this drug’s dosage.

In restoring healthy testosterone levels in a human, TEST cypionate is the most beneficial drug. The drug treats the low T in men. Since testosterone is an important hormone, this drug cares for the health and wellness of a man. If you are a man of 30+ age, then TEST cypionate is arguably good to use.


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