TEST E400 – 400 mg/ml


Test E 400 is the same compound as Test E 250 but at 400mg/ml. Testosterone Enanthate acts very similarly to its cousin, Test C, but has a slight modification in ester weight. This subtle change is not detectable to the user and can be interchangeable with Testosterone Cypionate. Just like cyp you can expect great gains in muscle size from a weekly dosage of 400-600 mg for 10-14 weeks. Stacking this with Deca 200 can prove for an incredible bulking cycle when combined with proper training and nutrition.

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TEST Enanthate – 400 mg/ml
Need to boost up your body physique in a natural way? TEST Enanthate does the job. It gives the body a periodic release of testosterone at higher levels. This gradual increase is more beneficial than one’s body would ever be able to produce. At times, it pays the role of performance-enhancing doses. This intensifies all the usual functions of testosterone.

What is TEST Enanthate – 400 mg/ml?
TEST Enanthate is an AAS steroid. It comes in the injectable form of steroids. It plays the role of performance enhancement or as a testosterone replacement therapy. This steroid’s wide usage is like that of other testosterones, except with the difference in half-life. The drug induces the human body to manipulate the testosterone in its way. So, the hormonal imbalance gets treated. The composition of the TEST Enanthate has fatty acid ester with non-allergic oils. Enanthate is the fatty acid that is here in action. This ester slows down the drug’s passage into the body and makes the drug prevail in the body to function for a long time.

The drug takes the place of caring for muscle growth, visible facial hair, and deepened voice. This drug’s publication is both through the generic version and brand version, which differentiates the budget. The sex drive is at a healthy level too.

How does TEST Enanthate – 400 mg/ml work?
Being an injectable steroid, the usage of TEST Enanthate is similar to other related drugs. When the ester of this drug goes in, it traverses in a slow form. So it will take quite a long time to show off the noticeable results. This means that one needs to wait for a cycle length of about 6 to 12 weeks to get the peak benefit. For some users, the result may be visible even after 16 weeks. With the steroid’s half-life being 8 days, one can use the dosage 2 times a week for better results. This slow working of the steroid is stable and yields sturdy results.

How to use TEST Enanthate?
Regardless of the age and the experience level, TEST Enanthate is injected once or twice a week. In this way, one cares about the blood levels of the hormone.

The beginners will start a weekly dosage of about 250mg to 500 mg. This dosage provides the anabolic effect.
The intermediate user increases the dosage up to 700 mg every week.
In the case of advanced users, the dosage level is about 1000 mg every week.

TEST Enanthate is not for women. The reason behind this is due to the heavy androgenic attribute (male thing). In rare cases, the TEST Enanthate drug becomes the treatment for breast cancer in women. Anyhow, the suggestion of complete dosage is by the medical expert for better result keeping in mind the:
Medical history
The severity of the health condition
Reaction to the initial dosage

Benefits and Side effects
TEST Enanthate is a slow-releasing ester, but the benefits are immense than imaginable.
Excellent gain in muscles by preventing muscle breakdown.
Reduction of body fat.
Improved rate of recovery.
Even though it is a slow ester, the testosterone spikes up within 1 to 2 days.
The bloodstream is full of needed testosterones.
It suppresses the stress hormones and prevents mood swings.
One will feel the positive effect of protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, and increased red blood cells.
Aids promotion in the growth of muscle tissue.

The side effects of TEST Enanthate are very low when compared to the benefits.
The rate of showcasing the result is very slow when compared to the other testosterones.
Mild headache and acne occur in mild cases.
At times, a little irritation occurs in the place of injection of the drug.

TEST Enanthate helps to achieve excellent performance and physical enhancements. The added benefits that come along with the usage of this steroid drug is the maintenance of the healthy level of the hormone. The improvement in mental and sexual health is also seen during this time. The effect may be late, but the result will be the latest.


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