Test Blend – 250 mg/ml


Test Blend 250 is an injectable testosterone derived of varying esters to release the gear into the bloodstream in a unique fashion. These esters all serve their purpose, and many individuals swear by an increase in muscular hypertrophy in comparison to single-estered testosterone products. This is a favorite as a base or standalone in both bulking and cutting cycles. An individual can make very impressive gains, and 20-30lbs in a first cycle is very possible with a weekly dosage of 400-600mgs.

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Test Blend – 250 mg/ml

Are you suffering from low testosterone and its related symptoms? Here is the perfect remedy for the same. Yes, Susta treats the issues caused by the low testosterone in the body. It treats conditions like delayed puberty, impotence, hormonal imbalance, and sex related problems along with physique is also improvised.

What is Susta – 250 mg/ml?
Susta is an AAS, Androgen, and Anabolic Steroid drug. Susta – 250 mg/ml is a clear pale yellow solution in the form of injection. The main ingredient is testosterone in 4 separate forms. Each ml of the injection has:
Testosterone propionate of about 30 mg
Testosterone phenylpropionate of about 60mg
Testosterone isocaproate of about 60 mg
Testosterone decanoate of about 100 mg

The above 4 esters go into the body as testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone known as androgen. The production starts in male testicles. When a problem occurs in the production of testosterone, then the external drug comes into action. The necessity of testosterone is immense for the:
Growth, development, and functioning of sex organs
Growth of body hair
Development of bones and muscles
Deepened voice in men
Stimulation of production of red blood cells
Suppressing the stress hormones
Development of secondary male sex characteristics

How does Test Blend work?
The working of the drug is quite simple. The medicine works by helping the growth, development, and functioning of the male sex organs. The extra sexual characteristics add up to the above list. The medicine functions by replacing the testosterone produced by the body with the injected synthetic testosterone. The ability of the medicine to suppress the release of estrogen treats breast cancer. The effect of the drug continues even after the termination of the treatment. This is the half-life period of the external testosterone from the drug—the oil formulation in the drug suits well for the allergic person.

How to use Test Blen?
Only the doctor or the nurse suggests the usage of Susta medicine. This injectable drug is sincerely sent into the muscles. It is the health care professional who decides the dosage. Keeping in mind the type of illness and its severity, the doctor prescribes the doses. The usual dosage is 1ml for every 3 weeks. One should talk with the concerned doctor about the medicine effect that may either be strong or weak. The usage of this drug is not suitable for children and adolescents.

During the treatment, if one forgets the dose, then a double dosage is the wrong decision. Now, the consultation with the doctor becomes necessary. Even after the end of the treatment, the effect of the dosage does not stop. At times, the ill effect may reoccur with less severity. So, the consultation with the doctor turns out to be the right decision.

Benefits and Side effects
The benefits of the drug and the prescription are high for the following medical conditions:
Male hypogonadism: Hypogonadism is the condition in which the body fails to produce enough testosterone due to the male sex organ’s decreased functioning. The Susta drug well treats the condition of hypogonadism.
Delayed puberty: In the male, delayed puberty is the occurring problem. This drug works well to treat this ill condition.
Breast cancer: In women, Susta drug helps to treat breast cancer. The medicine functions by suppressing the release of estrogen.

The side effects due to the usage of this Susta drug are minor with no serious contradictions. But, one should be aware of these minor issues too. If these minor issues continue to persist for quite a long time, then the doctor consultation is most important. The minor side effects are:
Pain in the drug injected area
Acne over the facial area

The administration of the medicine is under the clinical or hospital setting. Under the supervision of a qualified health care professional, the distribution of the medicine occurs. So, one can consult the doctor conveying all the personal health conditions and get treated. Stay healthy and stay away from the problem of low testosterone.


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