Primobolan – 100 mg/ml


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This is the Cadillac of gear. Primobolan, though on paper is similar to Masteron, it is arguably the cleanest, lowest side effect steroid known to man. It cannot aromatize into estrogen and has a very high binding affinity to the androgen receptors. Though you shouldn’t expect rapid and massive shifts in weight with this drug, the lean muscle gains that one can accrue on Primobolan is undeniable. It can also be a great compound for female competitors due to its low androgen side effect capabilities. This can be used in a gaining phase, cutting phase, or even added to HRT during a cruise

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Primobolan – 100 mg/ml

Primobolan is an injectable or oral anabolic steroid and is used by bodybuilders. The drug encourages increased lean muscle mass and prevention of muscle wastage is high. One feels enhanced physical performance and strength. It comes in a compact liquid type and the storage or maintenance of the drug are like that of the other drugs.

What is Primobolan – 100 mg/ml?
Primobolan is a popular and known anabolic steroid. The mild nature of the steroid makes it available for everyone under supervision. This is available for sale in both tablet form and injectable form. The form of injection is much suggested but the bodybuilders opt for oral intake. The tablet form of Primobolan has acetate ester. At the same time, the injection form of Primobolan has an Enanthate ester. The Enanthate ester ensures that the delivery of anabolic steroids is slow and gradual into the body. It has a long-lasting effect with a period of about 2 weeks. The oral form has ester with short time acting ester. The female athletes are well used to this steroid because it has no strong male hormone. It is an anabolic steroid with a mild anabolic effect and minimal androgenic effect. This makes the steroid very safe to use. Amidst the other steroids, this is quite expensive.

How does Primobolan work?
Primobolan is an AAS (Anabolic and Androgen Steroid) drug. The application of the steroid is intramuscular. Once it gets in, it starts hydrolyzing. Primobolan has no ability to aromatize to estrogen. This will not allow the user to keep the moisture and this makes the drug suitable for treating the cut cures. The androgenic effect causes minor weight loss. It works in the same ways as Nandrolone and Boldenone. So, this also aids in building up muscle mass. This ability is due to the molecular structure of the steroid. Under the classification of a controlled substance, this becomes safe to use with no doubts.

How to use Primobolan?
One can intake Primobolan every 2 times a week. The dosage quantity is around 400 to 600 mg for a week. In our body, the drug is active for 8 days. The results are visible only after 3 to 4 weeks. During a cut attack, the drug is an excellent alternative for Nandrolone and Boldenone.

Along with the stacking of testosteroneDianabol, and DECA, Primobolan is a nice cure. This yields lots of muscle mass. The stacking produces better results. In the case of beginners, the usage of the drug with Anavar helps to maintain muscle mass.

Being an agent with a long lasting ester of the steroid, it is easy to use. Only intake of high doses yields better results. The course of the treatment is also long. The influence of this steroid is not significant. It is in the state of notice. So, for the significant result, a follow-up of the dose with Boldenone yields a better result.

Benefits and Side Effects
In general, the steroid increases the hormone’s anabolic nature. Apart from this, the specific benefits of this steroid are:
It aids in the gain of pure muscle mass without fat and moisture.
The primary usage is in the treatment of anemia due to bone marrow failure.
The added 1–methyl group guards from hepatic breakdown.
The acetate ester in it protects from hepatic metabolism.
In men, the performance capacity improves.
In our body:
It enhances the protein synthesis
It increases the red blood cell count
The nitrogen retention attribute ensures the building up of lean tissue.
The strong binding ability to the androgen receptor deals with direct lipolysis.
By increasing the metabolic rate, one can achieve weight loss.

Primobolan has low or no side effects. The minor side effect includes:
The rare occurrence of acne
Increase sexual desire

Strength in terms of power and speed is the critical aspect of athletes. One can win big in power after using this drug. Since it is a mild steroid, no massive body build up occurs. It is widespread and on the demanding medication. The drug comes under several brand names. The choice of purchasing the apt one should always be in mind.


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