Nandrolone NPP Phenyl – 100 mg/ml LEONARDO


LEONARDO FARMACEUTICA NPP – a special taste for you for what is coming

NPP or Nandrolone Phenyl Propionate is a faster acting 19-Nor. It can provide explosive gains in strength and muscle mass in a short period of time. Its detection time is much shorter than Deca, and also has a much shorter half life. This is best combined in a stack with other gear and injected every other day. One can expect gaining 20+ lbs of quality muscle mass in 10-14 weeks on this compound. It works very well when combined with Testosterone Propionate at a 2:1 ratio.

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Nandrolone NPP – 100 mg/ml

Nandrolone NPP is an unfamiliar drug. But, it is a guaranteed fact that, at the end of this short guide; one will stick to the usage of this medication. It is an AAS steroid. This injectable drug is Nandrolone ester. The long lasting attribute yields better results in oneself. With both medicinal and non-medicinal uses, the fame of this drug gets increased.

What is Nandrolone NPP – 100 mg/ml?
Nandrolone NPP made its way in 1957. In 1959, the medicinal purpose was understood and the use became vast. The derivative of testosterone is a synthetic estrange steroid. The steroid counts on androgen ester. Being an anabolic and androgenic steroid, it is an agonist of the androgen receptor. The biological target of the androgens is testosterones. Besides to the androgenic and anabolic activity, Nandrolone NPP shows very low estrogenic activity and moderate progestogenic activity. Like other Androgenic and Anabolic Steroid, NPP has antigonadotropic effect. This antigonadotropic effect is due to the both androgenic and progestogenic effect. This steroid takes the form of oil solution and intramuscular injection.
The benefits of NPP are both in medicinal side and non-medicinal side. The medicinal side benefits are like that of the other testosterone steroids. The non medicinal side benefits works in improvising the personal body physique and performance. The females reacting tolerance is very low when compared to the males.

How does Nandrolone NPP work?
Nandrolone NPP when injected into the body, it gets converted into nandrolene. The active part of the drug then starts its functioning. The half life of the steroid is quite high. The half life is the time from the greatest concentration to the half most concentration of the steroid. The duration of action is around 1 week. Even after the termination of the treatment, the steroid has its impact in the blood cells for quite a longer period of time. The entry rate of the steroid into the body is fast. But, the steroid subsides with impact in the body for quite a longer period of time.

How to use Nandrolone NPP?
The general dosage of Nandrolone NPP is one time for a week or a mentioned number of days. The half life period and duration of the action is much shorter compared to other ester. The dosage of the steroid varies according to many different factors. This accompanies:
Gender: The injected steroid is tolerated by men. In case of women, the tolerance level is very low.
History of usage of similar products: The effect of such similar products continues to persist for duration even after the termination of the treatment. In this case, the androgen receptors in the body cells are high. At this state, intake of similar products turns out to be dangerous.
Keeping in mind the above cases, the dosage varies. In case of non medicinal use (like recreational activities), intake of about 300 mg of dosage is recommendable for every week in men. This is enough for both the beginner and the intermediaries. In women, only 50 mg of dosage is recommendable for above scenario.

Benefits and Side Effects
The benefits of using Nandrolone NPP are wide and classified.
The non medicinal uses extend its purpose in sports by competitive athletes and body builders. The non medicinal use extends to:
Improving the physique.
Enhances the performance.
Increased vascularity (bone density).
The medicinal uses are also big and strong.
Helps treating the advanced breast cancer in women.
In women, implementation of adjunct therapy for treating the osteoporosis.
In men, the androgen replacement therapy works good for the androgen deficiency.
It reduces the consequences of occurring of prostate enlargement, prostate cancer and excess hair loss.
The medicine is long lasting with continued effect in the body.
The maintenance of testosterone levels is picture perfect by this steroid.
Comparing the benefits of NPP, the side effects are minor and have less ill effect.
Occurance of acne
Increased sexual desire

The unfamiliar drug has now become familiar amidst people. Almost many countries are now selling this drug. Under many brand names, the drug comes it to the market. The drug is a controlled substance. This means that, the drug comes under the governmental regulation. So, one can buy this medicine without any second thoughts.


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