DHB INJECT- 100 mg/ml


DHB also known as 4-Dihydroboldenone, is a metabolite of Boldenone. Make no mistake, this gear does not act anything like EQ. It is more along the lines of Tren’s little cousin with fewer side effects. Though the injections can come with a little more bite than most compounds, it is far worth it. One can gain muscle and lose fat creating a hard looking recomp that will leave the user looking forward to the next DHB run. Stacking this with other gear such as test and masteron will give the user an unstoppable sex drive and aggression in both the gym and the bedroom. The gains will be spectacular!

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DHB INJECT- 100 mg/ml

Need to gain muscle and lose fat? Or need to be an expert in the bedroom? Then, DHB Inject is the perfect solution. It is an anabolic steroid that has properties for bodybuilders. The steroid is well known for its mild nature. The usage increases because of the lack of negative information.

What is DHB INJECT- 100 mg/ml?
DHB is also known as 4-Dihydroboldenone. It is a metabolite of Boldenone that is not testosterone. This acts like the little cousin of Tren’s family. It is worth more than many other steroids. One knows this as 1-Test Cyp. It is a suitable replacement for testosterone. But, the usage of DHB, along with some other forms of testosterone, yields more benefit than the above case.

In DHB, the anabolic to androgenic ratio is 200 to 100. This means that DHB is twice as anabolic as testosterone. The minimal androgenic effect has less aggression when compared to other steroids. It is a mild steroid. The minimal anabolic effect yields lean muscle gains. Compared to other steroids, it is less anabolic. Adding an extra effect, this steroid does not aromatize. So, one need not worry about the estrogenic side effects or water retention. Hence, it is the preferred choice among bodybuilders.

How does DHB INJECT work?
DHB is a long ester. After the experience of 1st dosage, one may feel the thermogenic effect like trenbolone. Without affecting the appetite, one can feel the bulking and strength gain. After the dosage, the post cycle therapy does wonders for the user. It is a type of synthetic anabolic steroid. The stacking of the steroids yields more benefit than used when. The process of stacking overcomes the problem of non-aromatizing in case of men.

It works well both on the medicinal and non-medicinal sides. In the non-medicinal side, it works by increasing the body composition. In the medicinal side, it monitors the well being.

How to use DHB INJECT?
The cypionate ester associated with DHB steroid has a half-life of about 8 to 10 days. The continuation of the dosage is for 4 to 6 days. Once a person stops the usage of this drug, the effect continues to persist for the duration of 4 to 5 weeks. Whatever the situation, the dosage depends on various other reasons like:
Gender and age
The severity of the condition
Response to the first dose
Purpose of steroid either medicinal or non-medicinal
Consideration of allergic effect if any
In the case of adult women, 25 mg is enough as a start. As the dose increases, the dose reaches 75 mg per week. In the case of adult men, 200 to 400 mg is enough as a start. In general, dosing depends on the type of ester in the compound and the stacking steroid. The usage of steroids in children is not advisable.

Benefits and Side Effects
The benefits of this steroid are tremendous. The queue goes long as below:
The non-aromatizing effect does not cause any noticeable estrogenic effects. Examples of estrogenic effects include decreased sex drive, depression, and lethargy.
The sportsman, body builders, athletes, and weight lifters enjoy benefits. The benefits include accelerated performance, improved physique, increased muscle mass, and growth. This is the non-medicinal side.
The medicinal side benefits are:
Improved red blood cell count
Removal of fat layer by preventing the fat deposition
Weight loss
DHB steroid has no significant reasons for using it. One can count the side effects in fingers. This is the reason for its power and popularity. Apart from the below negative signs, there are no notable side effects.
The inability to aromatize does not cause an estrogenic effect. The estrogenic activity is essential in small quantities in males.
Pain at the point of injection.

All in all, DHB is a recommendable pre-contest hormone. The reason for its fame amongst bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts is due to its unique properties. Being a mild steroid, DHB turns out to be a good steroid with its stronger benefits on both the medicinal and non-medicinal side. Choose well and be profitable.


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