BOLDENONE- 200 mg/ml


Boldenone, also known as equipoise or “EQ” is a lower side effect anabolic androgenic steroid that provides steady and dry gains. It has been known to increase appetite which can help user gain size and pack on some appreciable muscle mass over the course of a cycle. It is recommended to run this compound for a longer cycle, somewhere in the 16-20 week mark to truly reap its benefits of muscle gain. Stacking this steroid with a long acting testosterone, such as testosterone cypionate or enanthate will provide some serious and keepable gains. This product can leave the user with a ripped and chisseled look that will be very aesthetically pleasing.

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BOLDENONE- 200 mg/ml

Are you an athlete or bodybuilder? Then you may be well familiar with Boldenone steroid. This steroid gives a stable gain in quality without any side effects. The bodybuilders who aim to get dry, clean muscle mass may find this product beneficial. The steroid guarantees a positive result within 16 to 20 weeks of usage.

What is BOLDENONE– 200 mg/ml?
Boldenone is an injectable steroid accompanied by an anabolic effect. The steroid has an active substance called Boldenone Undecylenate, in which aromatizing tendency is relatively low. This quality suppresses the estrogenic side effects like water retention or gyno. The androgenic potency is very low and binds with the androgen receptor. It regulates gene transcription.

Boldenone comes under to the group of natural compounds called as androgens as well as derivatives. The steroid hormones are 3 hydroxylated C19. It favors the masculine characteristics. This steroid is strongly anabolic, moderately androgenic, with weak estrogenic effect, and less or no progestogenic activity. It turns out as a controlled substance. It means that the steroid is government-regulated in many countries.

The athletes and bodybuilders are very much benefited due to this steroid. One can feel the improved physical appearance and good performance in day to day life. The bone density keeps increasing with healthier bones.

How does BOLDENONE work?
The Boldenone Undecylenate in the drug improves protein synthesis. One can feel the increase in the count of red blood cells. So, after injecting the steroid, the nutrients get absorbed into the body. This traversal yields better results and those who consume fewer calories every day feel energetic due to this quality of absorption.

Moreover, the increased red blood cells make the person involved in physical activity feel energetic for a more extended period. After injecting the steroid into the body, the half-life period is 7 to 10 days. The effect of the steroid is slow. But, the positive gains are steady in the course of the cycle.

How to use BOLDENONE?
For men, the normal dosage is 300 to 800 mg for a week. This continues for about 12 to 20 weeks. The dosage can be split up as 2 per week. In women, it is not advisable to take due to the mild androgenic effect. But, intake of about 50 to 100 mg for a week is not a problem. In the case of athletes, the dosage should continue to maintain stable results in their performance.

Starting from the 1st to the 8th week, Boldenone is given as the weekly dosage. It covers 800 mg of the steroid. During these 8 weeks, the day after, the dosage is injected with testosterone propionateWinstrol is also injected during the 6th to 10th week. After this, the doctor suggests the dosage based on the necessity and need. Once the steroid enters the body, it stays there for quite an extended period.

Benefits and Side Effects
The intake of Boldenone steroid is beneficial in more ways.
By increasing the nitrogen retention, one feels the increased body mass through psychological mechanisms.
It aids the promotion of alpha-reductase enzymes in the nucleus by acting on the muscle cell’s cytoplasm.
It can keep calcium, chlorides, and potassium. In this way, the steroid cares for bone development. This is a growing factor in oneself.
The metabolic regulation regulates the appetite.
It enhances nutrient absorption from the diet.
The effect of steroid peeks, thus producing a stable result.
The side effects of the Boldenone steroid remain unnoticed due to the lack of severity. The mild side effects that occur are:
Occurrence of acne
Elevated blood pressure at times
But, these side effects do not cost much for the health of the person. But, doctor consultation is best in all cases of side effects, even if it is minor.

Positive assurance is given 100% for the people who use the Boldenone steroid. They visibly notice the increased vascularity (muscle density). It is a perfect way to boost up the cardio without side effects. This turns out as an ideal option to improve your physique without any stress.


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