Dear Client and friend,
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As we anticipated in a newsletter a few months ago, we have important news, now we known each other for several years, between us a friendship has also been born that leads us to say thank you for the trust you have given us in recent years.
We have several news that we would like to share.
About a week ago we started selling on our new website with great and expected success so we decided to anticipate the times and start to offer you another TOP Italian brand, Leonardo, in fact from today you can already find on our new site also Leonardo pharmaceutical products.
As you can see the prices for Leonardo are higher than Asteroid Biotech, purely exclusively only for our loyal Dutch customers, we have applied super discounts!The prices you see on the Asteroid biotech website are exclusive just for you!  on the official website which will be operational by the end of June, full prices will be applied and the site will be officially launched on all forums! i ask you please to maintain a certain confidentiality about it, if you have any friend interested in our products you can safely introduce us and he can buy our products at a discounted price.
Having said all this, we inform you that we intend to make access to strictly confidential and close to the pubblic, in a couple of months, it will be possible to access the site only with an already registered account, and for new customers access will be ONLY by invitation.
We decided this because we want a serious and reserved client to which we can dedicate ourselves and guarantee a stock that is always full.
It often happens that many orders are not paid, especially by new customers and this causes a stock quickly empty and unavailable for several days precluding the possibility of other paying customers to have their products.
We understand that there may be problems or delays, but no problem!!! just simply notify us and keep the order active even for 1 week, without any problem.
Now let’s talk about our offers:
Until 15 June the shipping are FREE10%
Extra discount if you pay with BITCOIN (other Crypto currency are available, just email us).
Were you can BUY BITCOIN and other Crypto ?You can simple buy them with Credit or Debit card with the best rate here:
Or using Cashapp
Here some Tips for you We can suggest you to open an email account on Protonmail is the best email provider for Privacy and security hosted in Switzerland.
Please DON’T email us from ICLOUD email, because Icloud block Protonmail email, and this cause communication problem between us.
So my friend, thanks for the attention, if you have some question please contact us. Looking forward to see you, i wish you a nice and beautiful day.
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